Manners at Bishop Kelley High School

A wise person once said, “The people who really know your character are waiters and clerks.” 

One of my favorite things to do every year is to make a presentation to our incoming freshman class on the subject of manners. It’s often spoken of by older generations that manners have been lost. At Bishop Kelley, we are not giving up the fight! We emphasize these points and expect students to follow them.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing with the students next week. I hope you find it helpful.

“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.” –Matthew 7:12

A Bishop Kelley student…

  • represents Bishop Kelley wherever they go in person and online.
  • uses “please” and “thank you” a lot.
  • makes eye contact with adults as they pass by and greets them warmly. He or she says, “Good morning Father” if greeting a priest or “Good morning Mr./Mrs.  _____” or if the student does not know the name of the teacher, he or she simply says, “Good morning/afternoon.”
  • finds ways to serve others and jumps at the opportunity to do so. Example: Doors!
  • is on time and prepared (every class, every day!).
  • makes everyone feel included especially in social situations (lunch and dances).
  • cleans up after themselves and picks up trash even if it does not belong to them.
  • stands at attention and is quiet during prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.
  • dresses modestly so as not to draw attention to themselves.
  • shows up for meetings and commitments to which they said they would attend.
  • does not makes jokes about race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.
  • helps a fellow student or visitor find their way. He/She asks, “May I help you find something?” when he/she notices someone who is not sure where to go.
  • stays at their desk until the bell rings.
  • says “excuse me” when walking in front of someone.
  • does not crowd the hallways and locker areas.
  • helps a student or teacher who drops something in the hall or classroom.
  • offers to carry the books of a fellow student with a lot of books or who is on crutches.
  • (female) carries a purse that is of normal size so as not to knock over her fellow students (if she carries a purse at all).
  • (male) offers to get a chair for a female student who does not have one. He may even offer her his own chair and find another somewhere else.
  • uses their cell phone appropriately.
  • acts appropriately in the chapel. It’s a place of prayer!

“Life is short, but there is always enough time for courtesy.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

God bless you!

Fr. O’Brien


About Rev. Brian O'Brien

Priest of the Diocese of Tulsa and President of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, OK.
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2 Responses to Manners at Bishop Kelley High School

  1. Therese Detrich says:

    These are all fabulous and if everyone followed them all the time, the world would change immediately. If just BKHS students and their families continue to follow them for decades, the world will change, even if a little bit more slowly.

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