What Do We Do All Summer?

It’s a common question in the educational world at large and at Bishop Kelley High School as well: “What do you do all summer?” I write to give our community some insight into what we do here in June and July. First of all, the pace definitely slows but there is a ton to do to close down the year that was, and get ready for the year ahead. Here’s a few highlights of the 2016 Summer at Bishop Kelley:
  • An extensive summer school program of 23 sections including 340 students. 
  • Building each student’s class schedule (907 students).
  • Teachers, adminisitration and staff attend summer workshops for their continuing education
  • Organizing faculty/staff orientation
  • Training our 140 Link Crew leaders to be ready to welcome 225 freshmen
  • Editing handbooks and emergency operations procedures
  • Lots of building maintenance and upgrades including repair, painting, and summer cleaning
  • Planning the 2016-17 master calendar (all sports, fine arts, clubs, and activities)
  • 2016 Reunion Weekend for the classes of ’61, ’66, ’71, ’76, ’81, ’86, ’91, ’96, ’01, ’06, and ’11
  • 26 students going to Oklahoma Association of Student Councils summer workshops
  • Class of 2020 PB&J Night where the class made 1800 sandwiches for the homeless
  • Class of 2020 midsummer BBQ
  • 50 Student Council members giving more than 1700 hours helping with lockers, bookstore, cleaning classrooms, and planning activities for the year ahead
  • Closing the 2016-17 fiscal year
  • Meeting the goal of the 2015-16 “Believe in Kelley” campaign. We met our goal of $425,000 raised. THANK YOU!
  • Hosting summer athletic camps including NBA star Russell Westbrook’s basketball camp
  • Various sports traveling to team camps along with strength and conditioning
  • Planning for the 2017 Trivia Night, Auction, Prassa Golf Tournament, and other Advancement efforts for the upcoming year
  • Rolling admissions throughout the summer leading to our highest enrollment in 10 years
  • Construction of a new scoreboard at the BK Stadium
  • Adding electronic access to doors for a safer campus
  • Construction of a new breezeway by the Smith/Ritchie Wrestling/Cheer facility
  • Construction of a new breezeway connecting the cafeteria and the Science and Technology Center
  • Renovations of a new choir room/piano lab in the Science and Technology Center
  • Renovations of the former piano lap to a new, state of the art broadcasting studio and journalism room.
AND MORE! As you can see, we stay pretty busy working to continually improve the school and be the best we can be. Just two weeks until students are back on campus!

About Rev. Brian O'Brien

Priest of the Diocese of Tulsa and President of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, OK.
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